4 Hours

The Elephant Freedom Half Day afternoon tour starts with lunch at the sanctuary at 12 PM. The journey to the sanctuary will take about one hour. Join us for a trip of a lifetime as we spend a fantastic time with our family of elephants. Our half-day tour includes lunch, preparing the elephant’s feast, feeding the elephants, and an elephant river hike followed by swimming and bathing with the elephants. We top off this journey with a visit to an off-the-map waterfall. It’s a fun-filled, adventure-packed afternoon in the mountains of Chiang Mai, one you will not soon forget.

It would help if you learned as much as possible about elephants and why protecting them is essential. Your Mahout guide will share his knowledge with you.

We consider it an honor to care for these majestic creatures, and we love to share this experience with guests from around the world who visit. Join the Elephant Freedom Project on our mission to save elephants and give them the home they deserve.

This is truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Come experience these majestic creatures in their natural habitat. We have no greater joy than to share this experience with the friends we meet who come to visit us from around the world. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us on WhatsApp. We are available daily from 8 AM to 10 PM local time. Click the image to connect with us. WhatsApp

*Pictures and videos are included free of charge. Last-minute and same-day bookings are welcomed. Roundtrip transportation is available with a small surcharge. Click here to check out our other tours.
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Tour Overview

There are few things in life that are truly once-in-a-lifetime experiences, our sanctuary will provide just an experience. Spending an awe-inspiring day with these gentle giants is certainly an experience you will never forget.

Elephant Freedom Half Day Afternoon

  • Mahout Chat
  • Elephant Cooking Class
  • Prepare The Elephants Feast
  • Feed The Elephants
  • Lunch In The Mountains
  • Elephant River Hike
  • Swim with & Bathe The Elephants
  • Majestic Waterfall Experience
  • Photo session

Elephant Freedom Half Day Afternoon

12:00PM - 12:50PM :
Lunch With The Elephants

Plern Home LunchLooking for a truly authentic Thai experience? You will find that as we offer you an authentic Thai lunch prepared by sanctuary staff. You can’t get more local than this. Now sit back and relax and enjoy yourself. Spend time with your newfound friends while having lunch and watching the elephants.

55 minutes

cd65517c 7400 4abf a1f8 2d8ea89bcda4Our guests will prepare servings of supplements and vitamins for the elephants. The guide will explain elephant health, diet, and the benefit of each added ingredient. Mahouts will join in this activity when possible, so visitors get to know the elephant that they’re “cooking” for and the mahout who cares for her.

This is a hands-on event preparing food in the original Thai fashion.

30 minutes

Feeding Tour2 1 e1673254157731Now it’s time to feed your prepared supplements and vitamins to our majestic creatures. Learn the importance of why we feed the supplements and vitamins to the elephants each day. It really is an amazing experience to have these gentle giants eating out of your hands.

30 minutes
2:00 PM - 2:20 PM :
Elephant River Hike

Elephant Hike Along River e1673254107304

Hiking along the river is very peaceful. The scenery is beautiful, and the river’s water flows endlessly. Hiking with the elephants in such a majestic area just adds to the fun.

As we do not control the elephants in any way, it’s great fun to see them entertain themselves along the way. They say elephants never forget, they know exactly where we are headed. To the river to swim and play.

20 minutes

4B9175D0 433E 4ADC AE77 3603BFCEC28A 300x169 1Most visitors don’t realize how much elephants love the water. Watch as the elephants gladly take to the water. Elephants love to submerge themselves completely in water. They love to splash around and use their trunks to spray water on one another. We ask that you join in, get wet, and help bathe the elephants. Feel like swimming with an elephant? The opportunity very well may present itself.

You will finish this experience shaking your head in awe. You’ll think to yourself, gee, I never have done anything quite like this. Enjoy the moment!

40 minutes
3:00PM - 3:50PM :
Waterfall Experience

Waterfall TransportLet’s transport to the waterfall Thai style. This journey will take about ten minutes to reach the waterfall, and parts of the drive will cut deep into the forest. Once we arrive at the waterfall we will hike for five minutes to reach the waterfall.

The waterfall experience is always a highlight of the day. The surroundings are peaceful, you really feel connected to nature. This is another spot you would never find on your own. Feel free to jump in for a refreshing waterfall swim.

50 minutes

Van Used To Pickup GuestIt’s been a long day, but great fun. Time to say farewell to all your new friends. The journey back to Chiang Mai should take about one hour. Sit back, relax, and leave the driving to us. A small surcharge for roundtrip transport.

60 minutes

Elephant Freedom Half-Day Afternoon Tour

What's Included

  • Coffee and snacks when you arrive
  • Use of Karen clothes (optional)
  • Lunch with the elephants
  • Food needed to feed the elephants
  • Elephant River Hike
  • Elephant Swim & Bathing Session
  • Waterfall experience
  • Onsite restrooms
  • Onsite locker room to store personal items
  • Free download of all photos and videos

Items Not Included

  • Towels
  • Shoes
  • Hat
  • Sun Glasses
  • Sun Screen
  • Bug Repellant
  • Umbrella
  • Roundtrip Transport (small surcharge)

Sanctuary Location

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the hardest part of the afternoon tour

There is one area along the Elephant River Hike that requires you to take some care. You will be on level ground, however, there is some area of the ground that will require some careful navigation. The area is approximately 15 meters long. The hike to the waterfall will require going down approximately 200 stairs. Going down is not difficult, but extra attention is required. When we are finished at the waterfall you will need to go back up the stairs. This is not difficult but can be exhausting depending on the shape you are in.

What Type Of Footwear Should I wear?

We recommend footwear such as all-terrain flip-flops or sandals. Sneakers are fine, but they will likely get wet and dirty. You can manage in flip-flops however certain parts of the trail are better suited for an open sandal with straps. Crocs can also work. Certain parts of the river hike will require you to cross the river. The depth of the water is approximately 6″ to 18″ and has large rocks on the river bed. These crossings are very small and only take 30 seconds to cross, but your feet will get wet.

How far is the sanctuary from Chiang Mai city?

The travel time to the sanctuary is about 1 hour.

Is Round-Trip Transportation Included?

We provide an air-conditioned car, SUV, or van from any location within Chiang Mai City for a small surcharge. Please email us at info@elephantfreedom.org or call/text or WhatsApp at 66 95 785-5191 with any questions. We are available daily from 8 AM to 10 PM Thailand time.

Is this tour suitable for families with young children?

Our tour is suitable for families with young children. If you have children younger than 6 please call/text or WhatsApp us @ 66 95 785-5191 for more information. You may also check out the following webpage which goes into greater detail; https://elephantfreedom.org/is-the-tour-suitable-for-children

The Feeding Experience is appropriate for all ages, and handicap accessible.

How many elephants are there at the Sanctuary?

Most of the time we have between 4-6 elephants. We do our best to maintain a ratio of one elephant per four guests.

Can I book and pay for my reservation online?

Yes, you may book your reservation from this page. To start the booking process, please click “Check Availability.” You will be kindly asked for a deposit to hold your reservation. You may pay the balance in Thai Baht when you arrive at our sanctuary. Please call/text or WhatsApp 66 95 785-5191 with any questions.

How large are the groups normally?

The group is typically between 10-18 guests per day. We aim for there to be no more than 3-4 people per elephant. This may vary depending on the tour you select. Our smallest groups are typically for the feeding experience. Our full-day or half-day afternoon tours are normally the most popular. Either way will maintain a good ratio of guests to elephants to ensure everyone has the opportunity to personally interact with the elephants.

How many people need to be booked to operate the tour?

We need a minimum of 2 people to be booked to operate each tour. If the tour you selected reflects availability then we have already met the required number.

What bags/luggage can I bring with me?

Guests are welcome to bring one day pack or a standard check-in-sized backpack.

Should I bring a bathing suit?

If you book our full-day or half-day afternoon tour we do recommend bringing a bathing suit. We will offer you Karen clothes (Thai outfits) for your day trip. Some guests will wear a bathing suit underneath to swim in the river or waterfall. The Karen clothes do dry quickly. We have a locker room for you to store your clothes.

What happens if it is raining on the day of my tour?

Our elephant tour will still go ahead if it is raining. Elephants love the rain and ponchos will be provided. If there are weather conditions that we feel may place our guests in danger then the tour may be canceled. If in the rare chance, this were to happen you would receive a 100% refund.

Are photos or videos of the tour available?

Yes, we will send you an email within 24 hours of your tour date directing you to your tour photos and videos. You may download photos and videos free of charge.

What is your cancellation policy?

There is never a fee to reschedule your tour. Our stated cancellation policy requests that you cancel your booking no less than 24 hours before your tour date. For more information please visit www.elephantfreedom.org to read our cancellation policy

Is lunch included? What type of food will I be served?

A Thai-style lunch is provided with drinks. Please contact us if you have special dietary needs. We also provide water, coffee, and snacks upon arrival to the sanctuary. Lunch is included in all tours with the exception of the feeding experience.

Is it possible to change the dates of my visit?

Yes. You may modify your booking dates at any time free of charge.

Is the tour suitable for single guests?

Yes, 15% of our bookings are with single guests. Everyone is welcome at our sanctuary, single, couples, and families alike.

Do you have a link for GPS directions to the sanctuary?

If you are making the journey on your own please use this link for the proper GPS directions to our camp. This is the only link to will get you to our exact location. https://goo.gl/maps/8mu3ARxtZbyeqDHC6

Should I wear a hat & bring bug repellent, sun screen?

You will be in the open during part of your journey, we do recommend wearing a hat to protect from the sun. Bug repellent really depends on the person and the time of year you visit. Most of the journey is bug-free, but you may encounter some pesky friends during the jungle hike. A small amount of repellent for your feet, legs, and arms is recommended. Depending on the person you may wish to apply some sunscreen as well.

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