About Us

About Us

Elephant Freedom Project provides a unique setting to experience our elephant sanctuary personally and intimately. We were formally established in 2016; however, our various tribe members have cared for these majestic creatures for over twenty-five years. Our commitment has remained the same over all these years: providing a safe environment to house and care for rescued elephants. Our sanctuary is one hour from the City of Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Commitment of Care

It is our honor to share this sanctuary with all our guests from around the World. We are thankful for those who support the Elephant Freedom Project, which allows us to maintain the highest level of care for our gentle giants. We are committed to providing the best medical care possible. But, more than that, we give the love that these elephants deserve. We are their voice in all matters concerning their welfare.

Elephant Freedom Project Mission Statement

  1. A Sanctuary for elephants rescued from forced labor or other unnatural acts. Our number one mission is to care for and love these majestic creatures.
  2. Independent from Outside Forces. We will not allow the manipulation of our commitment by outside forces. This sanctuary is a project of love, and we will never give in to any commercial influence which may affect our commitment.
  3. Preservation of Local Community: To act in a way that will benefit the local community. The purchase of local goods and food to help support the various tribes surrounding our camp. To source all of the required labor and material from local tribe members to better the lives of those around us.
  4. Guests Education: All our staff members have worked with the elephants for many years. We desire to share this wealth of knowledge with our guests in an entertaining yet highly educational fashion.
  5. We are Giving Back. A percentage of each tour is donated to save the climate and remove carbon to do our small part.

Contact details:

Business Name: Elephant Freedom Project

Contact Name: Siriporn Tanaseth

Contact Email: siriporn@Elephantfreedom.org

Contact Number: 66 95 785-5191

Address: 136 Moo.9 Ban SobWin MaeWin Maewang, Chiang Mai Thailand 50360

Country: Thailand

Website: https://Elephantfreedom.org

Operating Hours: 8 AM – 10 PM Daily

Always Available on WhatsApp WhatsApp

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