Data Deletion Request

Elephant Freedom Project never sells, trades or shares your private data with a third party. The only data we collect and maintain is the following;

Name, email address, telephone number, hotel pick up location (if applicable), date of tour booking.

All personal details provided by customers are used for contact and booking (and, if necessary, insurance) purposes only. EFP collects only that personal data deemed necessary to complete the booking process. Personal data collected by EFP may be kept from the time of booking until your visit has concluded, unless such data is required to be maintained by a government agency for taxation or reporting purposes. EFP does not store visitor financial data such as credit or debit card information as we do not collection this information.

Elephant Freedom Project will never share any personal information (including, but not limited to, your name, email address, or phone number) with a 3rd party for any reason without your express written consent, unless required by law.

If you wish to send Elephant Freedom Project a request to delete your data stored in our database or pictures we have displayed on Instagram or Facebook please email or call us at the below contact information. Please provide us with your full name when contacting us.


Tele: (66) 95 785-5191

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